Leila Lou - A Body Lotion

This light body lotion is a combination of 100% essential oils and naturally hydrating ingredients. It will leave your skin silky smooth with the fresh scent of Leila Lou.

8oz / 236ml

Leila Lou - A Fragrance

This truly irresistible perfume oil is made with 100% essential oils. With notes of Pear Blossom, fresh cut grass and tangerine, Leila Lou captures the alluring scent of innocence and freshness.

5ml Roller ball

Leila Lou - A Candle

This slow burning candle made with 100% essential oils will fill your room with the amazing yet subtle fragrance of Leila Lou.

60 hrs - 250g

Leila Lou - Eau de Parfum

This beautiful eau de parfum is true to the amazing Leila Lou fragrance, beautifully packaging in our signature, simple yet elegant pink and white.


At Rosie Jane we are dedicated to saving the environment by using 100% recycled and recyclable materials.
By choosing not to do a box, Leila Lou fragrance is contributing to reducing waste and greenhouse gases.